Common 4×4 Auto Shop Repairs We See

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Living in Colorado, it’s essential to have a 4×4 vehicle. After all, when it snows, you don’t want to be stuck without one. Trust us, being stuck off the side of the road is not the most pleasant experience. However, due to the increased capabilities of four-wheel drive vehicles, there are some common 4×4 auto repairs that we see.

John’s 4×4 offers the best auto repair, snow plows, 4×4 offroad services, and jeep rentals in Boulder. With over 40 years in the automotive business, we’ve seen every auto repair under the sun. Below, we’ll go over some of the common auto repairs we see with 4×4 vehicles. Contact us today to get started!



Tires are essential to the optimal operation of your 4×4 vehicle. If you’ve invested in any type of after-market tires or bigger tires because you’ve added a lift to your truck, then you know how tires make the ride. However, once you take your stock tires off, your off-road special tires will most likely wear out faster. And if you go off-roading a lot, your tires will take even more of a beating. Rims can be damaged easily as well and become a common replacement item on your 4×4 vehicle that may require a visit to our 4×4 auto shop in Boulder.


Think of how often you use your brakes while driving — it’s probably a lot, especially while driving in traffic in downtown Boulder or nearby Denver. Thus, brakes are often worn out just from the constant use. The most common automotive 4×4 parts that wear out are the brake pads, the discs, and the routers. When you notice a squeaking noise from your tires, or you notice that it takes you a bit longer to stop than previously, it’s time to visit your local 4×4 repair shop, John’s 4×4, for service.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Your tire pressure monitoring system can be a crucial component to your car or truck’s safety system. This system notifies you of changes in your tire pressure, which can be especially useful when you have a flat tire as it gives you plenty of time to pull off to a safe location while your car’s tire still has air in it.

While technology in your car or truck is amazing and has made possible many amenities that weren’t before, such as gas gauge monitoring and tire pressure monitoring, technology breaks, and when it does, it often requires the services of your local 4×4 repair shop. For your tire pressure monitoring system, the light often comes on when it shouldn’t, which usually means the sensor needs to be replaced.

Car or Truck Battery

Your car or truck battery is the heart of your vehicle; when it dies, so does everything else. Your battery runs all of the electrical parts in your car, and the alternator charges the battery, so it can be almost as important as your car’s battery.

Your battery lasts between four and six years before it needs to be replaced. Because a battery does it’s job day-in and day-out without complaint, it is often neglected until it goes bad. Another problem with a battery is it can go dead without warning, which is why having jumper cables is essential for your 4×4 car or truck so you can jump your car, giving it enough power to get to your 4×4 auto shop, John’s 4×4, in Boulder quickly.


When you off-road, your suspension system is critical to your ride. While bumps are inherently part of off-roading, being jostled around uncomfortably is not necessarily what you are looking for.

Here at John’s 4×4 in Boulder, we offer custom lift kits as well as suspension upgrades for your 4×4 truck or car at our auto repair shop. We understand how having a great suspension system can make or break or off-road adventure so we work diligently to install your suspension system for a great ride.

That being said, because you go over a lot of bumps while off-roading, your suspension system can take a beating. We also offer suspension system inspection services for your 4×4 vehicle as well.


John’s 4×4 in Boulder specializes in 4×4 off road parts. As your local auto repair shop, we help you repair your vehicle so you can be on your way to more adventures, whether it’s just a trek to the grocery store or an adventure on a trail. We understand the needs of 4×4 vehicles, and we have all of the tools to fix it. We also offer jeep rentals, fleet services, and we sell and maintain snow plows for the winter.

John’s 4×4 in Boulder has been a staple of this community for over 40 years. We believe in giving back to our community, which we do proudly. When you’re in need of a 4×4 repair shop, give us a call today!