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We live and breath offroad! It's our passion. We're the crazy guys who work on 4x4s all day for work and still have the excitement to work on our own 4x4s on the weekend. Without a doubt we love wheelin!

Off-Road Builds

Off-Road Mods

Suspension and Chassis

Suspension and Chassis Mods

Engine Drivetrain

Engine/Drivetrain Mods

HD Steering Kits

Upgraded Control Arms

Suspension Lifts

Long Travel Suspension



Custom Suspension Work

Chassis Stiffeners

Body Mount Mod

Shackles and Relocations

Suspension Bracket Repair

Big Brake Kits

Sway Bars

Track Bars

Power Adders like a Supercharger

Air Intakes

Exhaust Systems



Axle Truss

Fuel Tanks

Upgraded Axles


HD Clutch

Upgraded CV Axles



Traction bars

Body and Armor

Body and Armor

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Offroad and Recovery Gear



Skid Plates

Tire Carriers

Body Mount Mod


Fender Flares

Inner Fenders

Fender Chop





Traction Boards

Snatch Straps

Tree Savers

Tow Straps

Kinetic Recovery Ropes




Med Kits

Tool Kits


“We help build your rig for bigger and better adventures from consultation to finished product, We ensure its everything you dreamed of.”

- Kevin Eichenauer - Offroad Expert / Service advisor

(Kevin doesn’t work for tips but his favorite refreshment is a Voodoo Ranger)

The Process

The Consulation

1. The Consultation

We want to get to know you and how you plan to use your Overlander/ Offroader Develop goals for the vehicle and work out a plan on how to achieve them! This initial consultation will discuss if the platform you have in mind will be suitable for your needs.


2. The Plan

We can help from the beginning stages of even purchasing your adventure rig! We offer pre-purchase inspections that are a great tool to get to know your potential new vehicle and understand what kind of maintenance will be required prior to modifying.


MRR 4Runner pic 4
392 pic 1

3. The Build

While we would hope we have the parts and mods we decide on to be in stock not to mention the endless amount of options out there. Odds are we will need to order some parts in. We would require a deposit to order parts coming, once they arrive we can get you on the schedule.


4. The Fun

On vehicle delivery or pick up one of our experts will show you how to use your rigs mods. Included will be your John's Swag Bag full of Stickers, Badges, Shirt, and Invites to future trail rides or events.


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