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“My Jeep helps me get to all the places I love, with the people I love.”
Welcome to John's 4x4 - Colorado's premier off road shop and outfitter. With our unique vehicle knowledge, technical expertise, and focus on our customer's needs, John's 4x4 works incredibly hard to consistently deliver the overland vehicle of your dreams.
At it’s best, John’s 4x4 doesn’t simply outfit jeeps and trucks, rather we help people build something infinite. When John’s 4x4 helps outfit a vehicle, we are taking care of more than the person standing in front of them. We are helping nurture a generational treasure.
The outfitted vehicle we help you build, is a physical space to seek and find the more meaningful things you desire. The opportunity to seek and find - not just nature, but one's self with the company of friends and family.
We believe outfitting is tribal. Become a part of our tribe...and build one of your own!

Austin Simons

Owner - Operator


We don't just know overland; we are overland. It courses through our veins and fuels our very existence

What is Overlanding? It's the art of conquering the most treacherous terrain, both on-road and off-road, all while embracing self-reliance and unyielding determination. Overlanding is the relentless pursuit of a remote destination, where the journey itself is the ultimate triumph.

John's 4x4 is unwavering in its mission to transform your rig into a roaring beast, unleashing the adventures of the wildest fantasies. Witness the unmatched prowess of our team of overland experts. Your journey begins here.

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But We Are More Than Just An Off Road Shop

We can repair your adventure rig, daily driver, Jeep, Toyota, Ford, and more!

Wheeling rigs and daily drivers all need repair that's why we offer 4x4 off road repair and maintenance to keep your vehicle on the road or on the trail. Customers rely on us not just for lifts and modifications but also for ongoing repairs and maintenance across all their vehicles. Our unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch service and earning trust remains at the core of our mission.


4x4 Off Road Shop

C'mon, it's even in the name... Off road is our passion. We offer lifts, wheels and tires, lighting, and more to get you exploring our beautiful country the way you want to.


4x4 Repair and Maintenance

Cars and 4x4s in Colorado need a little extra care with our extreme weather conditions. We offer maintenance, alignments, inspections, and overhauls.



Excited about outfitting your vehicle or overdue for some repairs?  We'll take care of your vehicle and special rig like know one else in the state of Colorado!

The John's 4x4 Off Road Shop Team


Our Core Values:

Work Hard, Play Hard

A team of real people that want to earn a living and have fun doing it.


Integrity is at the foundation of who we are; trust we will do the right thing…every time.

Be A Leader

Show others how to do it the right way – at work, at home, or in the community.

Sweat The Details

…even if others don’t see it and treat everyone as your own mother


Amazing experience! From my first call with David I knew John’s 4x4 was the way to go. Their customer service is top knotch. They definitely went above & beyond for me! I was super thankful they worked with my tight schedule. My tundra looks amazing!

- Rachel H

Johns 4x4 is one of the quickest, courteous, honest and affable mechanics I have been to in a while for my American vehicles. Great and friendly staff easy to talk to. Got 4x4 issues, give them a chance to fix them!

-Adam C

Kevin is awesome - he has helped me with two trucks now (and helped a friend with Jeep maintenance) and his prices are fair & his work is perfect. Couldn't ask for more. Ask for Kevin

-Mark Brady

These guys at John's 4x4 really took care of me. My 1993 land cruiser drives great! night and day difference from when I dropped it off. Thoe I am not a certified mechanic I am a certified autobody technician and do know my way around cars. I did have a problem after I picked it up, but after a short phone call they promptly took it back in and made it right! There is alot to say for that! They did a very good job keeping me informed on its process through the shop. They were really respectful and flexible and made it easy to pick up due to my busy schedule. All around a good shop. I do recommend them for 4x4 services. Thanks again!

- Alex F

John’s 4x4 does awesome work! Everyone I talked to was super helpful, and I definitely recommend them. They quickly diagnosed an issue that the Toyota dealership had failed to figure out after taking it in to that dealership multiple times for the same thing. john’s 4x4 did a great job on the necessary repairs as well as new suspension.

- Henry P

Thank you Ryan for helping me and my family yesterday. My wife got her truck stuck in the mud and out of all the hundreds of people that drove by Ryan was the only one to stop. And got the truck out with his jeep. God bless you and your family we couldn't be more grateful.

- Frank W

Trail Days

Last Month

Trail: Johnny Park Road

We will be doing a trail ride every month during trail season.  Come join us!

Next Trail Ride:

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Trail season is coming to an end but, we will be back with more amazing trail rides next season!


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John's 4x4 - Boulder

(Behind Carpet One)

Boulder: 6367 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder, CO 80303

Boulder Tel: (888) 502-1008

Email: [email protected]

The store and shop are open:

Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 5:00pm
Saturday: Closed
​Sunday: Closed

John's 4x4 - Johnstown

(Off I-25 Exit 254 Just South of Johnson's Corner)

Johnstown: 5002 Marketplace Dr, Johnstown, CO 80534

Johnstown Tel: (970) 425-5831

Email: [email protected]

The store and shop are open:

Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 5:00pm
Saturday: Closed
​Sunday: Closed

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