Thinking Globally - Acting Locally

3 Primary Practices

We have environmentally friendly practices in place and are always open to new ideas.


Recycled Oil

We heat our shop with used motor oil, providing a clean, sustainable source of heat! When we recycle used oil through our clean burning waste oil heating system, we not only protect the environment the waste oil making its way into the ecosystem, but it provides our shop with clean, efficient heating without consuming our limited natural resources any further! It is the best of both worlds!


Parts Recycling

Wonder what we do with the used parts we take off of your car or truck?  We recycle everything possible, from brake rotors, bearings, bumpers, plastics, and metals.  All are sorted in our shop according to type and recycled when possible.


Tire Disposal

Every used tire we pull from a vehicle is picked up by authorized recyclers to be repurposed as alternative materials like playground surfaces for neighborhood kids.