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The durable, fully featured DXTs are the ultimate tools to fight all things snow and ice. Dual-trip design enhances plow protection when striking obstacles in any position and optional Hardox cutting edges offer extended wear resistance. Flared wings with an enhanced curl, throw snow with maximum efficiency and the DXT's multi-position plow blade can quickly and easily switch positions to move large amounts of snow.

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The EXT is the latest innovation from BOSS, with expandable wings that enhance productivity and efficiency to put winter in its place. It plows at 8 feet for tighter cuts and expands to 10 feet with pitched-forward wings for optimal productivity, making it the perfect parking lot plow. The EXT is a versatile, and flexible addition to your fleet, and another powerful tool in your plowing arsenal that's built to BACK YOU UP.

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The durable Steel, Straight-Blade features a baked-on powder-coat paint finish with zinc primer to resist corrosion and the super slick polyethylene moldboard of the Poly Straight-Blade prevents snow from sticking. BOSS Super-Duty Straight-Blades are also available in high-grade, corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

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BOSS has engineered the HTX line for today's light-duty and half-ton trucks by putting just the right amount of steel in exactly the right place for the best combination of strength and weight. The precisely crafted, ultra-efficient, HTX line is built to handle the biggest of jobs. When you need to RESTORE ORDER with your light-duty truck, BOSS is always there to BACK YOU UP.