JK Freedom Top Operation

NOTE: The two panels overlap each other. To remove them, you will be removing the driver’s side panel first, followed by the passenger panel. Once removed, the panels should be handled with care and stored in the storage bag provided to avoid potential damage. Remember: YOU are responsible for any damage that may occur to the vehicle while it is in your possession. The weather in this area can be deceiving. ALWAYS assume it will rain.

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The two front panels have two screws that hold it to the center crossbar that runs along the top of the vehicle between the front and rear seats. Begin by unscrewing the top panel from the driver’s side by turning the screw counter clockwise. It should be difficult at the beginning but once loosened, you should be able to twist it slightly until it falls into your hand. It is a long screw and this could take some time.

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 1.38.08 PM

Move both the driver's visor and passenger visor out of the way, (towards the doors).

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 1.38.45 PM

Pull the metal latch on the front of the driver’s side panel and the passenger side panel.

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 1.38.34 PM

Turn the four latches that hold the driver’s side panel (3) and the passenger side panel (1) in place.

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 1.38.54 PM

Reach into the vehicle with one arm and gently push the driver's side panel up and off the vehicle.  Then do the same for the passenger side panel.

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 1.39.36 PM

Put the two visors back in place.

REMEMBER: You must store the panels in their storage case for safe keeping. You are responsible for any damage to the vehicle or the panels while the vehicle is in your possession.