COVID19 & What John's 4x4 Is Doing To Keep It Safe

Important to know:

  1. We are an essential business as deemed by Boulder County and State of Colorado
  2. We are open for business to help you
  3. We have safe operating practices (see below)

Services we are offering our customers:

  • Vehicle pick-up and delivery (18 mile radius)
  • Drop box and payment over the phone
  • Telephonic tech support for emergencies
  • Mobile Automotive Repair - our techs come to you!

Mobile Automotive Service Details:

  • We can effectively serve an 18 mile radius from John's 4x4
  • Services range from minor to moderate repair (diagnostic services, starting, charging, cooling repairs, and others)
  • Anything requiring a lift or alignment will need to be done at our shop (we have a great relationship with Marv's Towing)
  • We will follow the same COVID19 safe practices - you leave keys in a designated area accessible by technician, we will wear gloves at all times, disinfect/clean all contact points of vehicle (including keys), and leave keys back in designated area.  All payments for services will be collected via phone.  If the technician has any questions, they will call you to discuss.
  • We charge a nominal $50 trip charge (pays for gas, time, etc)

More Details on COVID19 response:

We recognize you may be getting a lot of emails and updates from companies you partner with and trust explaining what they are doing to protect their employees, prevent the spread of this virus, and maintain their ability to support you during this CoronaVirus (COVID19) pandemic.  However, you may not expect an update from your 4x4 outfitting and repair shop.
As we all deal with the CoronaVirus pandemic, we want you to know that John’s 4x4 is also taking steps to protect you and our employees in order to avoid any disruption.   As a small business, we recognize the impact something like this can have on families, business, and sustainability.  And, while we cannot “work from home”, we have implemented the following:
  1. Practicing social distancing - John’s 4x4 works hard to build relationships and it is hard not to shake your hand, but we recognize the importance of maintaining an appropriate distance.  Additionally, we understand if you would rather use our nightly drop box and pay over the phone.  We can even offer vehicle pick-up services to help keep you safe.  Happy to accommodate you however you feel appropriate.
  2. No more than 3 customers in the lobby at anyone time and we have a temporary "no waiter in lobby" policy until this blows over.
  3. All of us are washing hands repeatedly throughout the day and specifically after any engagement with a vehicle.
  4. All techs wear latex gloves throughout servicing your car - including driving it in and out of the service area.
  5. Cleaning all major contact services on the vehicle (including your keys) prior to delivering the vehicle back to you. We are also cleaning all major contact surfaces (doors, counters, etc) in our shop multiple times during the day.
  6. All employees have a thorough understanding of the virus, symptoms, procedures for accessing health providers (teledoc), and updated procedures for servicing your vehicle.

Again, practicing social distancing is important.  We are offering ways to service your vehicle that support social distancing:

  • you can use our drop box and pay over the phone
  • we can meet you curbside to deliver parts for the DIY'ers
  • or, we can even pick up and deliver your vehicle directly to your home

We are open to solutions that best suits you during this time.  Just let us know how we can best help you.

Thank you for continuing to place your trust in us.


The John’s 4x4 Team

Due to COVD19 Pandemic - we are closed on Fridays until the economy returns to small business.